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Introducing Susanna Paaso & Jaana Juntunen, Salon Enigma

Read how to take care of curly hair at Salon Enigma, one of the busiest curly hair salons in Helsinki. Get to know the salon professionals Susanna Paaso and Jaana Juntuse.

Susanna founded Salon Enigma in 2019. "Curly hair has always been a source of inspiration for me. I have been a hairdresser for 8 years and have always done curls as well, the Curly Girl method, Sumilayi products and many other CGA brands that I use and sell in my salon came to my rescue. a hair salon in Helsinki specializing in curly hair and methods. 90% of our customers are curly heads."
Jaana has been a hairdresser for 9 years and started in 2020 at Salon Enigma. She also specializes in curly hair.

What types of hair do your customers have?

The general type of hair is the so-called fine hair; finnish, scandinavian hair with a single hair that is thin, but there is a lot of hair. The tops are usually drier.
Another common hair type is thick, completely smooth hair or coarse type hair that needs protein.
Also the so-called afro-type hair is found; the hair is thin or thick, usually really dry which doesn't need protein but moisturizing.
Sumilayi is our best-selling brand, it's suitable for all hair types! The shampoo is not suitable for an afro because of the protein, but the shampoo is perfect for Finnish hair because the base hair is usually smooth and goes so-called up to the head, so the shampoo gives the necessary lift. The moisturizing conditioner and leave-in are certainly the best moisturizing products I have come across. And of course, Sumilay's oil locks moisture into the hair, this product is also wonderful!
A fairy-tale transformation in the treatment of Salon Enigma's professionals!

We asked how curly hair and curly hair care became interesting to Susanna and Jaana. Susanna has always made clients with curly hair, but the products have not been very suitable. When the CG method came, he got more excited. Jaana wanted new inspiration for work and wanted to train in curling, at the moment they both do a lot of clients with curly hair. They both have their own natural tendencies and both take care of their own hair with curly hair care products.

Do your customers' different hair types need different treatments?
Yes! Dry hair needs moisture and oils to lock in moisture and add shine, while smooth hair needs protein and moisture in balance; such hair qualities do not necessarily need additional moisture or oils at all.
Air temperature and humidity also directly affect the hair's moisture balance and thus fluffiness. During the salon appointment, we tell the customer the hair type, the right products for the treatment and, of course, the methods.

How does caring for straight hair differ from caring for curly hair?

In a way, not at all, but curly heads are excited about vegan and organic products, while straight haired people still use products containing silicones and sulfates. I definitely recommend the same products to everyone with straight hair. You can notice the difference quite quickly when you get the silicones and sulfates out of the hair, and the hair starts to soften. Straight hair does not need gels in the same way as curly hair, but for example a silicone- and sulfate-free styling foam works, as does a protein treatment.

Could your client have natural curls without her knowing?

Absolutely, not everyone knows if they have natural curls when their hair is always dried straight. A natural curl can be revealed underneath. The Curly Girl Suomi group on Facebook has good instructions for getting started.

Your best curly tips for moms and dads with curly-haired kids?

Our best tip is to use Sumilay's products! Get rid of clarifying sprays that really mess you up - to use Sumilay's Leave-in, which smoothes curls in seconds when applied to wet hair and brushed!

How do you use our products in your work?

We use Sumilay's products for almost every customer, every day! Usually something else for a change if the customer has already tried your products.

How do you get hair care?

We are really busy, and you can have to wait for many months at the moment. However, you can make an appointment online at and you can see all the available times there. You can get to the cancellation queue by sending a message to . Unfortunately, we are unable to answer calls due to the rush. We currently serve at the address Uudenmaankatu 19-21, 00120 Helsinki, Finland.


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