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Introducing Hannaleena Vuorinen, Hiushuone Ovaali

Numerous satisfied customers use the expert curl care of the Hyvinkää hair salon, Hiushuone Ovali. We asked Hanna to tell us more about curly hair, from a professional's point of view.

Hiushuone Ovaali's curler in a blog interview with Hanna Sumilayi
Hi! I am an eco-hairdresser from Hanna Hyvinkää. Hiushuone Ovaali is my favorite hairdressing salon (I still use both permanent dyes and vegetable dyes, so I can't fully call Ovaali an eco-hairdressing salon). My shop is located in Hyvinkää at Valtakatu 5. I have been in the field since -94. In August 2018, my big dream came true and I graduated as an eco-hairdresser in Tuusula Keuda. My hair salon has been located at the current address since October 2016. I already stopped being an entrepreneur once, but what did you do when your heart started calling to get back into entrepreneurship. Even before eco-combing, I was an eco-minded hairdresser. For the past 10 years, the technical substances I have used have been as hair- and skin-friendly as it has been possible from hairdressing wholesalers', for example, permanent color selections. At the end of this year, I made the decision to focus only on new vegetable dye customers and direct new permanent dye inquiries to my skilled colleagues.
What hair types do your customers have?

There are many types of hair. Along my career, I have cut both Afro and Asian hair. At the moment, my client base has Scandinavian hair from rough to soft.

How did you become interested in curly hair and curly hair care?
Well, first I saw articles about the Curly Girl method in every women's magazine and then I joined the Curly Girl Suomi - Facebook group. I got the feeling that I absolutely, absolutely must know more about Methodism. At first I was a little skeptical, but very soon I realized what the idea was driving. After all, for ten years he had been interested in e.g. about silicone-free products and the feeling that silicone-freeness brings on the surface of the hair. The surface felt natural without silicones. Then when adding to the silicone-freeness with the thought "everything else is harmful to the hair", a light bulb went on in my head! Hair should be treated like the most beautiful cashmere sweater. It was going then; I completely fell in love with the method. I started to explore my entire product selection through curlsbot, joined most other curly websites and soon most of the curly girls were sitting in my chair full of enthusiasm and fire for their own hair. I've never seen such a boom in hair care during my hairdressing career, Wow Wow! I was so excited about curling! I've learned more about curls in two years than in my entire 27-year career. Thank you so much to every curly head who has trusted me with their curls, thank you!
Do your customers' different hair types need different treatments?

Yes, they need it. When getting to know the method, I have noticed how different porosity in the hair needs a different approach/treatment. Scandinavian soft hair is in a completely different category to care for or not to overcare than coarse thick hair. Personally, I feel like I'm on the verge of a new one with every curly head, because the hair rehabilitation processes have been extremely great and fast when I found the right ingredients. It's been amazing to notice how the hair has changed from a former magpie's nest in a few months to a shiny, elastic, flexible and, above all, healthier feeling nest of curls.

How does caring for straight hair differ from caring for curly hair?

Hhhmmm, I would say that every hair is case specific. Someone's straight hair is so glassy that only a high-quality shampoo and, for example, a leave-in conditioner after washing may be sufficient as care instructions. Then again, there is very porous straight hair, which requires the right kind of product content from the ingredients. Often, loose, straight hair is washed with too strong agents and this kind of hair requires its own approach. Well, you could write long lines about this too, heh.

Can a client have natural curls without her knowing?
This is how I would say that spiky glassy hair cannot become wonderfully elastic 2d or 3a hair. If, on the other hand, porous hair has been damaged by treatments/worn out since adolescence, then the bearer of the hair structure in question may not even know that the hair is flexible/wavy or even naturally curly. There have been surprises along the way for myself and the customer, and many very positive surprises. Then again, there have also been huge disappointments when, for example, there have been curls after plopping and the hair straightens despite all the caste etc. That's when I tried to tell you that gently pliable hair doesn't necessarily become such a stretchy curl when drying that it wouldn't straighten all day. In these cases, I still recommend method products to be used, because CGM - approved products do enormous good for any hair quality or structure.
Your best curly tips for moms and dads with curly-haired kids?

I would definitely say that make washing your hair a pleasant moment. Let the child sniff the products, let the shampoo/conditioner lather on the hair. Make hair washing a fun moment in every way. After washing, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair together and then apply conditioner to your head. When the treatment is effective, then washing your own body, and so on. In this way, the child learns to think of hair washing as fun and comfortable. I can never overemphasize the importance of rinsing. Also teach your children by rinsing their hair. The hair and scalp should always feel like it doesn't feel like dry hair. After drying, the hair should feel light and airy.

How do you use our products in your work?

I use Sumilay for almost all curl qualities, unless the client asks otherwise. I really like the whole product line; especially from the leave-in conditioner. It is the perfect conditioner, especially under energy cuts, as well as for studying curly clumps, how a curly bunch would start working. I got the gel before Christmas and now I'm waiting to try the gel for several different curl qualities. At least the smell is really good. After diffuser drying, the hair also remained really elastic, but still stringy.

How do you get hair care?

Since the beginning of the year, my list is very full, but it's worth asking directly by phone how I can accept new customers. The corona year exploded the demand for eco hairdressing services and more and more curly girls have found their way to my bench, so I can only take on new clients to a limited extent in addition to my loyal regular clientele. Please still get in touch, and at least I will try to treat as many curly hairs as possible within my current customer base.


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