Esittelyssä Taina, Fanfaari, Sumilayi

Introducing Taina, Fanfaari

Barber-hairdresser Taina and her hair salon Fanfaari are a place of trust for many customers with curly hair in Tampere. In our blog, Taina shares her own tips for caring for curly hair.

Fanfaari is a down-to-earth, urban barbershop in the center of Tampere. Taina has 13 years of experience as a hairdresser. "I've specialized in curl care and cutting for two years. I'm also a stylist and makeup artist. The store sells jewelry, accessories, and clothes."

What hair types do your customers have?

I have a lot of clients with curly and wavy hair. I'm processing
also straight hair. That is, all kinds.

How did you become interested in curly hair and curly hair care?

I like naturalness. I think hair is at its best when it's its own
character is emphasized. It's great that a variety of styles and personalities can be seen in the street scene. I want to encourage customers to find themselves also through hair. In my opinion, curly hair should not be straightened and hidden, but brought out with a good haircut.

Hiushuone Fanfaari uses Sumilayi products in its work

Do your customers' different hair types need different treatments?

Of course! I strive to have products suitable for all hair types on my shelf. Hair needs moisture and protein. You can feel the structure of the hair only when handling the hair. Appearance alone doesn't tell. The products must not be too heavy. And you have to be careful with the amounts, because the hair has to remain clean, airy, bouncy, i.e. beautiful.

How does caring for straight hair differ from caring for curly hair?

Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair. So they miss
more moisture. Caring for curls requires different techniques to make the curls beautiful. A conditioner and hair brushing are often enough for straight hair, but curly hair often requires deeper moisturizing, styling products and gentle drying.

Could your client have natural curls without her knowing?

Maybe, but yes, customers usually know that. Often after drying, the customer may exclaim; Ooh, can they get curls like this! So the right products and techniques matter.

Curly hair Salon Fanfaari
Your best curly tips for moms and dads with curly-haired kids?

Use your child from a young age in a hair salon where they know how to make curly hair. This is how she gets care tips for her hair. I also think it's important that he learns to like his curls from the beginning. I definitely prefer natural cosmetics for children and young people.

How do you use our products in your work?

I use the products in many situations depending on the hair quality, also for straight hair. I wash with shampoo, squeeze with conditioner and treat wet hair. I squeeze the leftovers and add if necessary. I use the oil in the styling product or for finishing.

How do you get hair care?

It's easy to book an appointment on my website. There you can see separately the curly hair
cutting options. You can usually get an appointment within two weeks.

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