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Our rosemary oil blend in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

Sumilayi Sweet Rosemary Balancing Scalp Oil participated in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2022.

The skin of the scalp, i.e. the scalp, is in many ways more sensitive than the skin of the rest of the body. It has more sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair follicles than anywhere else in the body. The scalp is often in direct contact with solar radiation, air pollution and styling products, which may create an imbalance in your scalp. That's why it's important that we have just as good care products for the scalp as for the rest of our skin. A balanced and well-feeling scalp is good for both body and mind.

Sweet Rosemary Balancing Scalp Oil oil mixture balances and soothes irritated scalp. Antiseptic rosemary, neem and tea tree oils effectively soothe and treat itchy, irritated and flaky scalp and maintain the well-being of the scalp.

We received great feedback from the jury, read the feedback below:

"Was good for the scalp."

"I've been thinking about getting an oil to treat my scalp for a long time. I think this product was the answer to my search!"

"Pleasant scent and nice to use. Plus, it also smells good."

"This was a new kind of product to me, I will need it this winter."

"What a refreshing scent! Great oil in a perfect packaging solution for this type of a product. Really easy to apply the oil on the scalp."

"Calms irritated scalp very well."

"A functional, supporting oil for the scalp, with a lovely scent.
Easy application with a pipette."

"Such a fresh, herbal scent, calms your mind as well as the scalp."

"I have a very dry scalp and I felt a huge difference after using this one and felt that my scalp was much more moisturized. I really liked the herb like scent and texture as well."

"I love to see brands innovate natural products for these more specific categories, great job!"

"I especially loved the scent of this scalp oil!"

"I didn't know I needed this but I did!"

"Absolutely loved the fresh scent of this oil! Calmed down the scalp nicely.
At times, I get irritations on the scalp and this oil really relieved it. Also, I was really happy the oil didn't irritate the scalp more in any way. Wonderful product!"

"Beautiful oil, with a refreshing herbal scent. You can feel it supporting the scalp's well-being."

"The scent of this oil reminded me of Tiger Balm at first, so I expected it to be quite strong as an oil but it was really calming. Great mix of ingredients!"

"Practical bottle with the pipette, it was easy to get the product to the scalp through the hair with it. Well-hydrating and calming oil!"

"This oil really soothed my scalp that can get irritated at times.
I loved making it a new ritual every once in a while to massage the oil into the scalp, feels really nourishing."

"This soothed the scalp really well, I'm happy that it didn't leave hair too oily after one wash."

"Super product for irritated scalp, this one really helped!"

"I didn't have the chance to try how it works on an irritated skin, but it felt really Healing on my normal scalp."

"Nice, fresh oil with a functional packaging."

"This oil felt calming on the scalp, really happy to have found this one!"

"Freshly scented scalp oil that calmed down my scalp really well! Thank you!"

Tea tree oil is an effective aid against dandruff thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties
Neem oil reduces redness and inflammation of the scalp, relieving itching.
The compounds contained in rosemary oil activate blood circulation and balance the scalp.

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