Viisi vinkkiä hiuksiin jätettävän hoitoaineen monipuoliseen käyttöön

Five tips for versatile use of leave-in conditioner

Sumilayi 3 in 1 leave-in conditioner can be used in several different ways! Read five tips for using our most popular product.

1. Leave-in conditioner

As the name suggests, the most traditional way of using a leave-in conditioner is to leave the product in the hair after washing. You can put the product on damp or dry hair. It makes the hair easier to handle, softer and reduces split ends.

2. Pampering mask

Pamper yourself with a wonderful hair mask. Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to dry or slightly damp hair. To add warmth and luxury, you can wrap a towel around your head. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash your hair as usual. Your hair will be silky smooth, moisturized and durable.

3. Make brushing easier in the shower

Sumilayi Leave-in is an incredible tamer of tangled curls in the shower. Magic combo: shower + Detangler clarifying brush + Sumilayi Leave-in ! The hair is sorted out below the time unit. In the shower, apply Leave-in to your hair, start brushing and enjoy! In this way, in addition to time, you save your hair from breakage and your shoulders from a long work career.

4. Freezing spray

Mix a small amount of leave-in conditioner with water in a spray bottle and use it as a free-flowing spray. You can spray the mixture several times during the day if your hair needs additional moisture or freesau. This is a great way to use the product more lightly! Please note that the self-made mixture only lasts for a short time, so the free-flowing mixture should only be made for one use at a time.

5. Let it absorb well before applying the gel

Sumilayi leave-in conditioner contains ingredients with a different charge than some of the gel ingredients. If these two products are mixed as they are, the ingredients may partially break down. This might make the button feel different! Therefore, it is good to let the leave-in conditioner absorb well before adding the gel to the hair.

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