I love oils!

Internal, external, fragrant and less fragrant 🥰🥰 I use oils in my everyday life in all their forms every day and a varying combo of them is always with me even on trips.

The nice thing is that all different oils can be combined. I can, for example, make a fragrant, nourishing mixture with cold-pressed coconut oil and essential oils for my hair and body, use Sumilayi's oils diluted in, for example, good olive oil to care for my skin, or mix a few drops of essential oils with them to increase the fragrance and effect. I can also combine these Sumilayi oils with each other. I really appreciate the versatility!

In this post, I leave everything else behind and focus only on these Sumilayi oils. I use all five different ones and I really like them all. Although Sumilayi focuses its product range on hair, when talking about these oils, it is almost necessary to open up other uses as well. Too many good things would otherwise pass you by. It was nice to notice in the online store that something unrelated to hair had made it into the product descriptions there too. Good!

Oils of Sumilay

All the brilliant oils in one picture in the middle of the stones I love

There are five types of oils:

  • Oh So Soft Curls oil treatment with citrus fruit oils
  • Argan oil, organic
  • Castor oil, organic
  • Broccoli & Bamboo hair protection and shine oil
  • Sweet Rosemary balancing scalp oil

  • All oils are in the same size 50 ml glass bottles. Some have a pipette cap, some have a pump cap. Personally, I like the pipette cap better, I can more easily dispense the right amount of oil with it. As for rice oil, I haven't figured out what would work best for it yet. Now it has a pump cap, but the oil is so thick that the pump doesn't really work. When using the product, I open the cap completely and drain the oil from the pump handle. It is possible that the pipette cap would also get blocked by the thick oil. However, the oil itself is so good that I don't let the cap matter get in the way.

    I'll go through all the oils one by one, so you can see how many they go to. Some of the content is from Sumilay's online store, some I have looked for elsewhere. I also combine a lot of my own experiences with the text.

    Disclaimer: Nothing written is intended to be taken as medical instructions, or even advice, and they are not intended to replace prescribed medical treatments for anyone. Thank you 💓

    Ooh So Soft Curls Oil

    OH SO SOFT CURLS, restorative oil treatment with citrus oils

    This oil with a mild citrus scent is a mixture of several beneficial oils. The basis is:

    • Grape seed oil
    • Jojoba oil
    • marigold seed oil,

    all of which have a long list of benefits for both hair and skin.


    Grape seed oil prevents graying of hair, moisturizes, provides heat protection, is hypoallergenic (i.e. suitable for almost everyone), one of the few oils that penetrates the hair and thereby strengthens the hair even more effectively.

    Jojoba oil prevents graying of hair, keeps the scalp and skin nourished and moisturized, and adds shine. Contrary to grape seed oil, jojoba oil does not penetrate the hair, but rather covers the hair scales and therefore works very well together with grape seed oil.

    The oleic or oleic acid of sunflower seed oil prevents hair from splitting, the oil gives shine and cares for the scalp. In addition, the oil's vitamin E acts as an antioxidant for both hair and skin. The linoleic acid in the oil is said to control sebum production, which is also a nice feature for both hair and skin. I myself have noticed quite well during my CG years how balance is brought precisely by not trying to get rid of "fat", but by utilizing its properties.

    This oil blend includes citrus oils; the product description tells about lemon and orange extracts, as well as orange peel oil. I researched these in terms of photosensitivity and based on what I read, the extracts, even more so than the orange peel oil (from sweet orange) would cause photosensitivity. (Unlike e.g. cold-pressed lemon and sour orange.) However, it's always worth testing new oils on smaller areas to find out possible sensitivities.

    Citrus have antimicrobial and antioxidant effects, so they should be preferred internally in food and drinks, and externally, for example, in the form of this oil.

    In addition, the oil treatment mixture contains blueberry, sugar cane and maple extracts. They also support the effects of other oils by removing frizz and softening the hair.

    Oh So Soft Curls oil was the first of Sumilayi's oil products and I fell in love with it immediately. My hair is, as I've already said before, real divas. Because of this, half a drop rubbed into the hair at the wrong time will cause more disaster than anything good. However, I have learned a lot about the soul of my hair and found a balance by being very careful and moderate. A bit challenging, because I would like to use this (also) oil a lot and often 😀 Before other oils came into the range, I used this to squeeze a cast, no more than two drops at a time, massaged into my hands. Really softened the hair nicely. I also used the oil on my skin - mostly on the face and neck, but when argan oil came into the range, I started using it more.

    You can use this mixture as an oil treatment, in which case you should rub the oil liberally into the scalp and also from there to the lengths and let the treatment take effect even overnight. For washing, I myself use a CG-compatible shampoo before washing with conditioner in order to properly remove the oil cow from the hair. You can also use just a few drops at a time either on towel-dried or dry hair.

    Luxurious Sumilayi Argan Oil

    ARGAN OIL, organic

    A great treatment oil that can be used perfectly for both hair and skin. There's something really luxurious about argan oil and even though I said I'd leave everything else out of this text, I can't help but say about the mixture I love: a few drops of argan oil and a drop of essential frankincense oil have made me feel like Cleopatra at least 😍😍

    This oil absorbs wonderfully and almost feels like it disappears. A small amount still goes a long way. When used on hair, the oil adds shine and softness. Its vitamin E and antioxidants moisturize, strengthen and protect hair from the fading effect of the sun. Perfect for removing cast if you use gel to create cast in your hair care. You can also mix argan oil into your conditioner and enjoy the beneficial effects of the oil.

    Argan oil, like sunflower oil, contains both linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic acid (omega-9), which help with dry skin and rashes, psoriasis and also acne skin. These fatty acids do not block skin pores, they strengthen cell membranes, prevent the formation of lines and smooth out already formed ones. Both are anti-inflammatory, i.e. they suppress inflammation. One of these fatty acids penetrates deep into the skin (oleic acid) and the other cares and protects the surface (linoleic acid).

    In addition to the above, the multipurpose oil works for dry heels, pregnancy scars, to soften lips and cuticles, as an overnight intensive treatment for hair and as an inhibitor of split ends.

    As you can see, you can really use the oil from head to toe 🥰 When the oil is still suitable for sensitive skin, it's pretty much perfect! Personally, of these five oils, this is the least I use on my hair and more of a skin oil.

    Castor oil

    CASTOR OIL, organic

    Castor oil always reminds me of its effects on the stomach. This "art of the past", known as the art of the past, was intended for the treatment of constipation and with Takuu has saved numerous people from miserable suffering. Now, however, I will only talk about the external uses of castor oil and its many wonderful benefits.

    There is enough to say about rice oil. Whether it's hair, skin, nails, eyelashes or eyebrows, it's a joy to use! It is also perfect for sensitive skin, which further increases the scope of use and user base.

    If you want to strengthen, thicken, grow and nourish hair and hair roots, eyelashes, eyebrows, (a man's 😉) beard, choose castor oil even for daily use. While the oil does its job, it also keeps everything mentioned above feeling soft. This also applies to its use in skin care. It is worth trying, for example, on dry lips, cuticles and nails, tightening scars, dry heels and elbows.

    The antibacterial effects help even more by curbing the growth of bacteria on cracked or otherwise irritated skin. So it works excellently also in otherwise challenging skin issues, rather than just combating dryness.

    This oil is thick, as I mentioned before. For this reason, there are some challenges in using the pump bottle, but I personally do not find it laborious in any way to open the screw cap and drop oil on the hand from the pump handle. (In terms of user-friendliness, perhaps a different bottle would be better.) Even though castor oil is really thick, it's still not oily at all. I can see this in my hair when I've used it as a base treatment and washed it afterwards: the scalp doesn't feel so greasy during washing, as it does after many other oils, and it's easy to wash off (I still use a small amount of "curly-compatible" shampoo).

    The fatty acids contained in castor oil act as natural humectants, i.e. they also support the binding of moisture to the skin and hair, but also the preservation of moisture. So when you want to moisturize and also lock in the moisture for as long as possible, use castor oil.

    To be able to spread the oil more easily on the skin of the face or body, you can mix it with a thinner cream. Same thing for hair, you can mix castor oil with some other oil (e.g. coconut or jojoba oil) if you find it difficult to apply.

    The oil's vitamin E works e.g. as a buffer against free radicals (on the skin and in the hair) and the proteins strengthen the hair.

    I use it at the base of the eyelashes and eyebrows to strengthen the growth, and I often sprinkle a couple of drops on the hairline in the evenings. On washing days, if I remember, I put it together with sweet rosemary oil to work on the scalp. Great oil overall!

    Sumilay's wonderful Broccoli and Bamboo Oil Blend

    BROCCAI & BAMBOO hair protecting and shine enhancing oil

    Another great oil! Or better, an oil mixture. I notice that oils are really close to my heart, because this is going to be quite a long post 😀😉

    Oil consists of several oils. Of those already mentioned:

    • from sunflower seed oil
    • of argan oil
    • safflower oil (many of the same good properties as these others)

    In addition:

    • from cold-pressed broccoli seed oil
    • from the oil obtained by extracting from bamboo

    Together, these (lavender added to bring a mild fragrance) build into a whole that my nails can't take off from! Out of all these five oils, this is the one I use the most in quantity.

    Broccoli seed oil gives this mixture its amazing silicone-like texture. Just one drop applied to the hair gives a great shiny, silky result! Unfathomable. It is a property of this oil, which of course can be used instead of silicone, e.g. in the CG method, which excludes the use of silicones in hair products.

    The oil makes combing the hair easier, but at the same time it also strengthens and protects well. It's light and absorbs brilliantly, and doesn't leave an oily surface (of course when used a little at a time! All oils feel greasy if you really get excited about using them 😊)

    The fatty acid composition of broccoli seed oil is excellent, containing both omega-9, -6 and -3 fatty acids for the benefit of the skin, hair and scalp. Its vitamins also protect, for example, from the sun's UV rays.

    The oil extracted from bamboo is very rich in silicon oxide and helps to maintain the hair's elasticity. You will notice that with regular use, perhaps that is why your hair breaks less and gains strength and elasticity. You can also get help with scalp challenges, such as rashes.

    You can use the oil mixture as it is, a drop or two on the ends, or on the entire length of the hair. Always start the experiments with a small amount: you can always add more, but you can only wash it off! Also try mixing it into your conditioner or hair mask to get even more power and effect.

    Use on damaged and dry hair, hair that needs structure and elasticity, shine when you want it and protection when you need it. You can also use the scalp to soothe and moisturize both the hair and the scalp.

    When used on the skin, you get help to "keep in check" the lines, the oil helps keep minerals in the skin and strengthens collagens, which we over-thirties like to hold on to!

    Of course, also on the skin of the body, the oil soothes rashes and e.g. nasty pimples from planing, as well as psoriasis. Try pinching fresh scars to soften them as well.

    I personally use this, alternating with argan oil, in the morning and in the evening on the face. I leave a little moisture on the face and neck after washing and rub a couple of drops on them. Both feel super good! I put it on my hair on washing days when I have dried the curls. The soft silky feeling that the oil gives is absolutely wonderful!

    Sumilay Sweet Rosemary scalp balancing oil

    SWEET ROSEMARY scalp balancing oil

    This mixture also contains many great ingredients. Of the previously mentioned:

    • Jojoba oil


    • Neem oil
    • Tea tree oil
    • Rosemary oil and a little more peppermint and lavender oils

    Neem oil is the most foreign of all oils to me. The list of uses for this oil is still long, from hair to skin and home to garden.

    When used on the scalp, it balances and soothes redness, itching, rashes and inflammatory conditions. Also reduces fungal infections and dandruff on the scalp. Head lice don't like neem oil either!

    Neem promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss and can curb hair graying.

    Tea tree oil has been familiar since childhood. Then its smell mostly annoyed me and made me post: "why mom, why?" 😅 but now its smell and amazing properties are addictive. Tea tree oil is very suitable for various infections (e.g. fungal infections) and inflammations. So it works perfectly for scalp challenges. This oil also prevents hair loss and accelerates hair growth, and head lice don't like this oil either.

    If the scalp is in bad condition, the hair follicles may become blocked and tea tree oil also helps to clean the oils.

    Rosemary has long been used for scalp problems, e.g. to promote blood circulation, but also for its properties that accelerate hair growth (I would think that blood circulation and growth go hand in hand). Depending on what causes the hair loss or thinning, rosemary can potentially help "very well". However, adding rosemary oil to your hair routine is not a quick fix, but it requires commitment, regularity and persistence... Just as, of course, the use of other oils as a growth promoter requires.

    The great thing is that this blend has so many ingredients that support the same thing in a gently scented "package." Strangely increases the eagerness to use it.

    When used on the skin, the sweet rosemary mixture works equally well to smooth inflammatory conditions, skin scaling and fungal infections. Due to the effect that promotes blood circulation, it is also worth testing for cellulite on the body.

    Mariia's blog about Sumilayi products

    On the hair base, mix sweet rosemary together with castor oil

    With this tongue in cheek and oils in hair picture, I have reached the end of my oil saga.

    These Sumilayi oils are absolutely brilliant and I can warmly recommend them for every home, regardless of the age, nationality and hair of the people in the household. These oils are for everyone ❤️

    Enjoy spring, the thought of summer and your existence!




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